The Patriot J LP – Physical Album (Signed)



After months of anticipation, hard work, and long hours in the studio, the debut album from Patriot J is finally here! You can be the first to support an independent right-wing artist by purchasing a physical copy of this album. There are a limited number of physical copies available, and each copy of the album will come signed.

This 10-track album is a formal introduction to Patriot J. A 23-year-old law student, political operative, and hip-hop artist. The Patriot J LP┬ádives deep into J’s world, documenting his philosophy, his time spent working in the nation’s capital, the time he got “canceled”, and his self-determination. With just a sole feature from matrix breaker An0maly, Patriot J’s sharply delivered bars are in the spotlight for the world to see.


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